Tuesday, December 1, 2009

holiday when

who shows at the door i cannot help
but lay on the table as necessary
once introduced
the snow shook to the boards below

the feast of epiphany
is better the day for giving of gifts
with wise men and at least one good woman
passable at least

they have to grant her that

but first we must take to the ledge
as three mortal eyes undertake to dress themselves
in the parish proper
now we are in for a night of it

though it seems only yesterday
rag dolls on the front steps
but now the girls all gone
have come undone

the day that they say
it is of no moment
we leave our things on the kitchen table
and go running the halls
listening to music tormented

for just this one night imagine
any are anxious about the children
as the other s lumbers on
unconcerned, happy for one
that is
that makes
no trouble at all

we all have galoshes now
one for each foot
trotting home in the snowy mud
certain in our drunkenness no harm will come
worse than had we stayed
only more than too welcome

sometimes better a stranger to be
than so lov-ed as you thought of we.

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brtom said...

i like the way this moves ... leaps

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