Tuesday, December 1, 2009

another day and three cents more

the weather outside is awful ... cold and raining for the third day/night in a row. Listened to Obama tonight.
Listening to the mayoral debate now.
Not sure which is worse.
Perhaps it will snow on Friday which might be nice though I suppose it would finally put an end to okra and eggplant, and the tomatoes and peppers. Worse, or better, if it snows no one can go to work or anywhere else, this being houston and we shutting down the city whenever there is anything resembling frozen precip. Which could be nice except my contract that's supposed to last through Dec 23 got stopped today, and no telling if or when the work might start again. Guess I need to work my other files and go rustle up a few more.
I am actually so tired I have nothing to say. After getting home early this evening I sat in the car in the driveway scribbling away, couldn't wait even long enough to come in the door I so had the urge to write. So all my scribbles languish for the night in a little notebook. Perhaps like wine they will ferment and get better, ripe with time.
Saw some great photos driving home in the dark rain but not a camera. Probably best under the circumstances but maybe it will rain all day tomorrow and I can go out before the old folks' lunch and bead class, or after.

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