Monday, September 20, 2010

is it what it is

no screaming during the baby's sleep
don't wake it cause then it needs
demands to be taken care of
screaming again with no words to say
asleep you can forget the baby
asleep it needs nothing

you're not the first one
the girl in the camera already knows
we had a first kiss, thought i liked it
but now, now is so cold
the vigor of insanity calls me out
like sirens in the sea, i go

all it is, i am, we are, lazily unformed
on even the most beautiful evenings
there is no time to listen, less to talk
it isn't til later i will want to kill myself

the only difference is
you are bigger
they say you are wiser

i can't
it's not fair
i din't do anything
all it is is lazy

i never met the arbiter of fair
i suppose that would be god
but we have not yet made acquaintance
i called once, or many times
and more than those were calls unmet
i am not an invited guest

simply adding the years
the things we see and you
have no more innocence

And you never had a say in it either

i'm gonna scream
not me, no
but someone's gonna scream
and i
can't wait to hear

do you spose it will be louder, the scream
than a single shot?

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