Sunday, August 8, 2010

the centerpoint of broke love
camels on the promenade
i asked for mezzanine
but here the piss burning the snow
turning to me
lazy eye don't want to see
who would?

pulling flies apart
wings shimmer even as crumbling
fat nasty fingers
dirty torn nails

they were right you know
all of you

what did anyone expect?
not that often
sleeping like death, waiting to disappear
always there's waiting some problem
like that echo

keeping my head empty of thoughts
best that's the way
cept all the room it leaves
empty reverbates
echoing as laughter from a drunk
smelly old sweaty drunk,
things we never asked for
that we dont want
to want
but worse are the echoes
what we saw once on tv
never coming to this part of the world
too small for attention

our wishes
our prayers
folded into small pieces of paper
now we're not hungry
no one can see our swallowed words
no one can laugh
at least not for that.

1 comment:

brtom said...

There's a confidence and a concentration in your language here that is very engaging. Good stuff.

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