Sunday, June 20, 2010

what a god was crap

I can't talk about anything
anywhere but here; here is safe enough because no one else
is here.
Yes I wish
Whatever that means.
Too much means the mustard is squirting out the end of the bun or
you can't take a drink without spilling your coffee.
People say my thoughts, my prayers
meaning ... ? yes, I am.
some time there's some thing I can do for anyone.
Period has but a single use though it might mean many things
Tell me then what is
an acceptable use of any one's time?
I know but to what end?
What matters?
It means nothing to refuse to cry, anyone can manage that
I don't know how ... I don't want ....
I tried to climb out the hole hole but there's nothing there either
The time I don't have is too much.
Trivial is what really matters now

for what was here before
mea culpa

(rev 9/28)

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