Saturday, May 29, 2010

life got worried
got tired, wary even
we took what we could carry
in pockets not so deep
arms not as strong as your heaart
We took what we could
to the purple wood
sat at gray falls
breathing in the damp
listening to romance in F sharp
eyes wide open
unfocused, we see each drop pass by

But now it's just the clouds
crying like lost ch someild
not really wanting to find a way home
not knowing where else to go
once aware here there was no home

Without air we are not
we are nothing but watery illusion
breathe, it is not optional here
not a thought what goes in
what's expired
sooner or later each must open the mouth

That was the first time round
a third-world marketplace, shit in streets
poking cow ribs, crooked sticks
From Paris we come to sit with the devil
only but we were there
alone, cross legged
cross-legged under the Bhudda tree

Up in a flat-toppped banyan tree
learning to fly like kites
free as the blue

First I heard, the steps were down
the hall, then it was
tomorrow's mourning come back to me
thankful for the altitude, the blowing rock
and the redemption songs, save our minds


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