Wednesday, September 16, 2009

work not

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this "not working" is hard stuff ... i don't get anything done.

not that i'm not working -- i am doing some work. i say i am unemployed and R says i am self employed.
there's no money in it

all the things i thought i'd do are undone, not even started.
i do finally have my own room/office/space but it is such a clutter with boxes and stuff piled and pushed every which way.

seems like first i ought to get my space ready, workable, so i can use it.
but it's time to plant the garden, late even, for a lot of stuff.
but i don't have any shit and the dirst really needs some good poop.
but my car won't carry as many bags as i think i need.
meg's car has more room but is full of stuff that needs to be taken places and dropped off
but i just haven't done any of it.

i ordered the seeds and they came in the mail.
that's all.

no writing, no beading, no photography, no gardening and no money either.

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