Saturday, August 29, 2009

apathy and facebook

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Instead of talking, today we are cleaning or something like it -- I may actually have something resembling my own space by the end of the day, for the first time in a long time, for art, photos, work, writing, maybe even music ... but not a word is spoken.

or so it seems to me...
I'm done with facebook. A short association to be be sure but not a good thing. A superficial and very shallow excuse for communication - I don't see it a a means to conect or to communicate. Only twitter could possibly be more destructive of human relationship - the aura, the pretense of connection, of communication, when there is little or nothing there. It is like we pretend we communicated but we never did and when that realization arrives, what a fool I feel ... duped by my own stupidity.
If what I have to saw can be said in 140 characters it probably doesn't need said. If the scope of my communications with another are limited to that little rectangles marked comment, which seem available for everyone to read, i prefer to not rather than pretend communicate.

Not that anything will change by my decision to reject facebook - there was nothing really there anyway and while there may be no one reading this there's also no one pretending they did and pretending to "talk" or communicate by virtue of a few inoffensive, shallow and generally inane comments.

What does it [facebook] really have to do with me? with you? with anyone?

For my daughter I understand it - she's at Tulane keeping up with friends all over the country and the world, but they also skype and email. It's like the message board for her and her roommates outside the door, so they can get and leave messages when they're out. If the entire communicaiton was only what's posted on their little board there's not much being said or shared, is there?

It is the failure to connect and to communicate -- honestly or at all -- that is creating an increasingly intolerant, strident and violent world, so why do we as a society relish and encourage this emptiness?

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brtom said...

I hear you ... but since I'm not also dumping FB ... and since I've recently been hanging around Twitter ... I guess I don't share yr feelings about this ... at least not yet. I went into both of these sites with no expectations about what they would be. It took about five months for FB to even start making sense to me. And only a fully bored week allowed me any "serious" time with Twitter. They are what they are. But they have been okay by me. Though, if they disappeared tomorrow that'd be fine. I like the tiny interactions; they're rarely heavy and deep, but (like Moore's take on "Poetry") there's a place for the genuine ... and I value the reconnections (however fleeting some of them are). Of course, there's plenty of room for bullshit, too.

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