Saturday, August 8, 2009

know how

We can't always do what's in our brain

Galaxies spin.
complete annihilation
sucks at our sleeves.

Come sleep
not talking, not feeling
not moving, no control
and there's nothing no one can do about it

We must all know how to have a failure
How to be

Forever with the devil
sitting on my chest,
whatever the space is supposed to carry our heart
I used to think our soul was there
but nothing could be bigger.

May as well, sooner or later
maybe we can enjoy it more now
before we get too old
but that we wake
though only on waking
do we suspect
we may not be
after all.

Sleep the smallest of fears
stranger is the night
like passing
to wake in Idaho.


This is a crowded conversation
the voices of madness only by default
moving on of its own numbing mindlessness
to a past just as real as tomorrow.

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