Tuesday, July 28, 2009


somtimes they get in the way
sometimes i haven't any
when i feel a need
when i haven't any
i can't

what does it mean
thinking i need
to write?
a need to communicate ...
if so
with who
when none read
the words that appear?

are we just talking to ourselves again
pretending it's not really
talking to ourselves
because it's written?

even though
these words are written
we still talk back
in our heads


brtom said...

the thing about writing is just to do it ... or to not do it ... there's probably no end to the question of why ... if people are reading it and getting something from it, good ... if nobody or next-to-nobody is reading, then consider it practice ... messages in bottles ... if you REALLY want to be heard, grab a streetcorner, a bullhorn, a box — and let 'er rip!

ms said...

yeah, i know that part but i've been wondering why it is a need ti write - its certainly not a need to write for you or for anyone and i'm not sure why i feel it as a need to write for me ...it's not for me to read it's just to do it ... maybe it's the verbal climbing of the mountain and we feel a need to write bc we can? i don't expect to ever know why this anymore than i expect to know the why of anything else ... but i guess there's a curiosity for why you write, why Bukowski or Plath wrote, why anyone does ... and if it is a need or does it just feel like one? and if it is a need, what about when we just can't - then what?

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