Friday, February 13, 2009

tired old and boring

i need to change this picture
enough of stinson beach -- boring
but then what?
as though it matters --
it doesn't.
i need to find something to write about.
i need to quit writing.
i need to connect but
to what
and why?
i need --
but what
and why --
or is it want only?
we all want much while
needing little.
egocentric self
kitty litter is absorbent
with purpose
no purpose to seslf absorbed self
nothing to be gained
nothing one can offer
from the place of
self absorbed.
why is it not purely simple
accepting i have
nothing to say
to offer
no insight,
no wisdom to quit taking
for my nothing?
is it so that you
and all the rest have more than nothing,
something to offer, you know, to say,
reasons to take space
or is it my ignorance
telling me so?
what do any of us know?

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