Thursday, February 26, 2009

Revolution never come ...

not with a warning or otherwise ...
so here we all sit with excerpts from others' writings, and you tube clips, and songs sung by others ... we put it in this space as opposed to that, as though this is a space better though the space is the same, and what we accomplish is ...
not because we are old
or older than the ones who grew up with all this as second nature
but because no one ever got anywhere sitting on their ass
and sitting on our asses is what we do best as americans
nothing else much matters since in the end
we are
most of us irrelevant, redundant and oxymoronic
so enjoy the song, or hate it -- either way
then let's do something that matters
whatever that is
cause no one ever told me what matters
and i never got it figured out.

"Revolution never come with a warning
Revolution never sends you an omen
Revolution just arrives like the morning
ring the alarm and come to wake up the morning.
They tellin you to never worry bout the future
they tellin you to never worry bout the torture
they telling you that you will never see the torture
Spend it all today and we'll bill you tomorrow
Three piece suits and bank accounts in the Bahamas
wall street crime will never send you to the slammer
Tell all the children in the arms of the mamas
the F15 is a homicide bomber
TV commercial for a pop a pill culture
Drug companies crowding like a vulture
Iraqi babies with a GI Joe father
Ten years from now is anyone gonna bother

Revolution never come with a warning
revolution never sends yoiu an omen
Revolution never comes witih a warning

Everyone addicted to the same noicotine
Everyone addicted to the same gasoline
Everyone addicted to a technicaolor screen
Everyone trying to get their hands on the same green thing

Love the one old guy with his sign (paraphrased) "I can't believe I's still protesting the same old shit."

Amazing .. whatever happened to Darwin?

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