Friday, December 26, 2008

all and nothing

i have so much to say ... i want, I need absolutely to reach out and not to be alone. Yes I am loved, but i can feel so alone, so empty, so superfluous. Why, how, can it be so hard to connect? Truth be told I probably have nothing to say and it seems no one to say anything to lately
Unfortunately I am not much in the way of likeable these days so it makes sense to be in this place even if i don't know how i got here -- it's always like this at christmas.
Empty is the worst place to be but tomorrow is another day.


brtom said...

Christmas is a tough time for many people. Be assured and relieved that the season won't last forever.

But that stuff's all inside us, right? That thing we call "empty" but is actually probably maybe some thing else. It's us ... still wishing, I think.

ms said...

wishing and hoping and unable to name it ... but i keep looking and waiting

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