Sunday, November 9, 2008

we know what we're saying
not what we're doing
they think we're committed
that's not the case
a week ago
that would have been inconceivable but now
we have all the problems we never even foresaw
Without your approval
it makes no sense at all
and all you need to do is say "goodbye."

when you said those things we were wrong to believe
but we were a good child and followed along
tearing at our flesh
attached though it stayed
beyond our reach
but easy prey for you and them

Always a happy human being he was
but only because he died so young

For the others happy is made of scraps
left over from our
ordinary lives and fragile stupidity
willing the next breath
and the one after that
at least til
the air is sucked out by the lies we live
the life we lie
we who sidle through the shadows
hidden from you, yes,
but mostly from our self.

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