Saturday, November 8, 2008

so this is how easy

not a tech sort ... much to my consternation received an iphone for my birthday today and yeah, it's cool but i'm really not smart enough to fgure it all out. Thank God for 18-year olds who know everything and then some.
so everyonse said it's so easy to do a blog, just do it and allow comments if you want and see what happens so now, don't you know i have nothing to say?
I frequently have nothing to say -- to be honest honest -- but less often i have the honesty to be quiet and say nothing which is exactly what i have to offer on most topics.
so then i guess the question would be - how does anyone find this stuff? I stumbled across Br Tom's a while ago (which is how I got here by the way, there was a "dashboard" on his "scatter" so I clicked and then I clicked one more time)
What is it anyway that makes us put out there for others the things we don't even want to know about ourselves? I guess at times putting it out there makes it true for us and sometimes we need that honesty but more than that there seems to be a primal need for you to know me, for you to know some of my experiences, my thoughts and feelings, and the why. Narcissistic no doubt though I never thought I was much concerned with what anyone else thought so long as they thought enough negative to stay a distance and not try to be chummy. Now most who read this (if anyone does) won't know who or where or what I am, so why not bare all? I don't have an answer to that but I also do not plan to bare all.

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