Friday, September 7, 2012

Words. We were walking on
The shore. Wet fogged sand packed 
our lips. Now 
we know how Winters 
war wills to Be. Like 
you Say. Words walking 
from Your mouth. Un 
moving after rigor set in. But 
still We hear. Like the native
Pulse. The suns rays
and even
The rain. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Like an old man on the bus with his flowers
past the darkness yet still 
the things we do 
more than you
hoarding our ordinariness
until we are comatose

It wasn't time to die 
and so we lived
a shared epiphany 
taking in
through these small eyes

Othertimes we wake
ground to the dusty dirt like scarified seed

watching ripples the water 
smooth flat

A late summation 
for only half the people 
as if
they are facts.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

yet again
waking another
book of words 
hope defected

you come
riding through
and there
is the other
solitary friend
soldiering on with 
letters to write

once written
not much was left
to roll on but
the birds fly on

we are all
weirdly armed
this night

not done

Loosely run goats the wild yet there are no words to rhyme
to complement or roll into a taco.
One plate a a time we break our plans
free of those silver-clad bohemians.
Here the clouds circle but

We are the vortex.

It was only law that made the lawless and it was
very nice but then it was the other looking in.
Some felt we lacked the wow of
more extreme ways to hunger.
And so we quit them all.

No, we are not done.

Turn on the light on all the things we made.
All the things we made are broken.   
The indecipherable language of crowds below us
floating, staring a hole
in the sky. 

It's not the loudest thing in my head
your voice it's
the drowning. 
The psychic vampires with their straws

 The candy striped bendy ones
Swirled in the pastels of Easter

 in my brain
Sucking us dry

 My friend the psychologist
Is that a disparity not seen before?

Mostly these are the endings

 Trends that are driven
as if
One drive-by could solve all of this

As though
 One view was big enough for all
 Them and you

 The statement I dreamt yesterday 
When I wasn't making it up. 

Why is it
 Or do you really have to consider 
Being too carefully these days?  

Chances are good over the last three years like eggs 
Resting in the grainy sands
Of a summertime in the old desert.

It doesn't matter that
Your right

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