Sunday, March 3, 2013

Another day of traditional pursuits but for us
were not.
This day does us no favors.
I asked. I did.
Maybe it's just that no one here can tell us
how to get out.
Another way.

To my old friend Gabriel I said hello. Then crossed my mouth, looked for other company.
Comes another. A name I don't know trys to sell just a book.
Pages flipping.
All the words disappear
under tears come
slowly down.

The radio static sounds the same as when your mouth moves. All again together. 
They are not here to be made of our remnants.  There is no sense to be made of it. No happy home. Could be we start over in another town. But we are this.  One we and not another. 
All the people see it all the same. Us to them. 
No doubt they had supper together      
slowly chewing   
as still talk 

As a child the day I knew how to dream it ended.  Soon.  Before any of us could know. 
Some childish creature enabled of dreams til they beat it out of us. They said it was safer this way.

And so I wish you could have been too but 
this day does us no favors.

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