Sunday, July 3, 2011

on recklessness

Reading of recklessness, the idea that nothing bad will happen if we all, every one of us, were to write a poem. Right now. But if every one writes and no one reads then the point is? Poem making as another empty gesture we all can share in as equals. Like pornography. Yet there are always some more equal than others, and they are those who write of recklessness and tell that we all, every one of us, can up and write a poem without consequence. Or none of the bad ones. If we all, every one of us, were honest right now with who ever might be with us would there be no consequence? If a tree falls in the forest and all that. Crap. There is no sound that is not heard and no poem that is not read. If we write to amuse ourself then perhaps it is not so. But a poem is meant to be read. It is an honesty from places other than. A poem is two ways or it is not. We get little from writing but that it connects, communicates, goes beyond. Perhaps nothing bad happens if we all now, every one of us, writes a poem but then what is the point? Recklessness, yes, without regard but it is more on the others part, not ours

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