Sunday, April 10, 2011

no se

Morning to night walking round
a thought in my head

Go ahead and say it the others
In the corner sitting with their concepts, their precepts
I sit but cannot know how it is they learn
I understand none of it
I tested their feelings and failed
Magic is not i must but i can't

It is no matter that you again are sure to be absolutely right
But then I came late, hating the knowing
the making of a living and not just to be
before that great committeee an urge to vomit my ending truths
instead we shed those those things like a mocassin's sin in the jungly overgrowth
Yet the index remains there for the committee
for you
waiting to be found

It is not just only you and me but there are
others hiding in the woods, behind my cerebral cortex.

Who knew.

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