Sunday, April 3, 2011

and i'm not here either

i am not here but not there am i either.

where you are is not where i am,
else you might know where i am, or
could be, or
have been.
the human leavings incapable of cleaning.
wiping free of memory, of
thought, whatever
it is this consciousness we are
blessed and cursed.

come to think of it i've no
idea not only the place of
absence but of
your being as well.

we all are hid behind our
personas crafted, disdain and aloofness, no more
joining with another, no connection, no communication.

you write you say is enough is all you deign
or have to give.

not that my selfishness was ever a secret
i am human still i think
though uncionnected yet still
selfish narcissism springs to life anew

like you.
like all the rest.

you may say or write or post as you will and i
need not be commital, you expect nothing.
i too fade away,
making no constraints.
it is after all nothing to do with me
but only you

of time we have just so much.
who am i to take of yours?

you're tight, yes,
pretending other, but then i already knew.
i am no one and
i am not here

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