Saturday, May 15, 2010

who knew

dressed up and excited but no one wants to be first
staring at toes of shoes, seeing scuffs missed while polishing
maybe you shoulda just bought a new pair
she said, he looked
not to each other but the others to see
was it time

no time like the present
keep me posted, who's late, who drank too much before getting here
I will tell you who will be the dirty winner
then you can accomplish your next goal

Unflappable. Who made that a word? Who gave permission?
This is what America's all about, blustering and blabbing
never asking or listening even when it's too close to call.

Everyone thinks they have a shot at history but first,
you gotta get up and go to work and no one wants to do that
so it's stupidity we choose.

Currents curl around, cold arms, taking us away
taking our options with it.
What about your childhood dreams?
Crap, nothing but crap.
Sucking the air til your lungs hang out, wet bags gasping like a fish on the dock
A disturbing debut, marked by tears and scars,
now they call it character.

SO the festivities keep going, shine or rain flowing
waiting for another stupid question
whose answers, some were overlooked, some thwarted,
but mostly they were never heard since the only point was in asking
so we would know how smart you are.
No answers please,
don't want
don't need
don't care
because sometimes to know requires to do.

Distance is what it's all about.
Sooner than later, sometime someone has to go there.
We can't all be last, or lost, or anything at all.

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