Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ready for Disciplined Writing, to Learn how to Write

i have notebooks and pages fulls of lines and snippets and ideas i write, esp as i work and review thousands of pages a day, on the most mundane topics, like the 3G and WiFI networks and the patents accompanying all that stuff, and pharmacology and exclusivity and first to file for generic exclusivity and the rapidly diminishing returns once the ftf exclusivity is over ... see? Nothing there to excite, to incite, to inspire, to aspire. But here comes something, I make a note. All I do is stare at my several screens a day, all work on the computer but personal computers are a security issue so at least i have an iphone and can check facebook, but there's a limit to any real writing. Friday I worked 4 hours (3.5 actually) and reviewed 878 documents, 100% accuracy. I want to write - I don't think I'm any good though R does or says so anyway and though he certainly is a very good guy, better than I deserve, he is also very honest (never in a mean way) and supportive to the max, but really i don't think he'd say he liked any of it if he didn't, nor go so far as to select a handful for a competition ... so maybe with practice i can write something more passable. I need a regimen, a discipline. Feedback, criticism would be nice - I tried to edit some stuff I'd posted earlier but the originals went somewhere leaving me with the revised, so not anything left to compare to look at edits. So I guess i'll give a try, to force myself to write. The starters I don;t know - perhaps all the stuff I start with at work -- might be very Kafkaesque. He too was a lawyer who hated his non-thinking job and wrote as an escape though there are in my little brain absolutely no illusions to have such a gift as he. It seems much of his response was molded by the circumstances of his father's shop, his school there on the main square, and both the great discrimination shown him as a Jew and the tedium of the bureaucracy he faced just trying to do as he was asked while at the same time there seemed to him to be some motivation that favored no one completing their tasks.
If anyone has a idea, a discipline, I'm certainly open.
I've nothing to offer in return but my friendship, for whatever it's worth as I know I can be aggravating, dense, obtuse and annoying ... yet always I am grateful and thankful, and I've even been known to say prayers (whether they are heard or not is a whole different matter)

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