Sunday, May 2, 2010

Over there in the south lies the truth
Here, the light is here, in the east with the sun
Dreams, more real than truth, nowhere to be found.
They be hidden away real good.

Here in the playground
they dance, they play, they bully and fight
You watch, misremembered, til you get in the way
a little bird looking for a nest
grabbing on the rails of other realities.
That was not just a soldier knocking
this morning on your door.
We can't stay any more.

It's gonna be a while for we can go.
Go ahead, put your bones in the bag, all ready.
What shoulda been a ten-minute ride
keeps rolling, under the
wide blue sky ending not even at the horizon.
Somewhere in all this lies a child.
That's where he'll find his power.
But it's not love,
love will never be
Crying won't change it
It is what it is is all it is
nothing else.
It makes no difference
after all.

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