Sunday, April 18, 2010

empty s

sleepy sediments stripped from memory
slow and muddy
sounds of winter rivers watching from
listening to summers memories
everything mostly of simple explanation
once we quit

i almost think the picture is all i can see

but now here in the current i keep
eyes open
mouth open watching the floor remembering
not alone you are when others remember for you the moments
reflected there
wasting time so we don't have to walk through

but what to do when these words are wrong
they always are
never the way i wanted it to come out, always the wrong thing
mine own dishonesty i cannot seem to stop
perhaps for not taking the truth as is

left alone, with all the others
no words are meaningless nor do they have a meaning
without spoken echoes and eyes in concert
they are just bits and scraps lying around
not fashionable enough to be accepted into any real meaning

just words tossed out
like so many cats and dogs along the road
hard of breathing
unclaimed they die

yes it's hard to please you
but still i left the lights for you

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