Monday, December 28, 2009


i was all ready to write, in the sense i thought or felt i was then capable of some sort of expression and then, like the water roaring under the ice, smoothing the boulders, it (whatever "it" is) was no more.
why do we think we have anything to say anyway?
does it matter who we are in relation to others?
are we anything other than what we are in relation to others?


brtom said...

Unlike a rock a tree or a bird we get to consider our expression. So we consider and consider some more. Can't help it ... or don't want to. So ... you didn't really want an answer, did you?

ms said...

no - i really do want an answer but i'm not sure there is "an answer" in the sense of any thing that "is." I find when i consider my expression it loses whatever i thought of it, once written the expression is done and though i want to write then there is nothing left to write until the next time ... and i'm not one who thinks i've much of anything to say...

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