Sunday, November 1, 2009

politics sucks, esp the democrats

in one of the most populous states/counties/cities we do things in a feudal fashion. State-wide and City elections are non-partisian, but everyone knows the party affiliation of everyone else. Judicial elections are partisian. Elected city officials are elected for the purpose of shaping policy, enacting laws, steering the community one way or another so theoretically party bona fides are relevant (at least as the current political system is understood). Judges specifically do not ever shape policy and never enact any law. The job of a judge is to apply the law fairly to everyone, making the courtroom a level playing field regardless of party affiliation, race, sexual orientation, gender, income, etc. Yet we must run as either a democrat or as a republican and while i am neither, i thought i was willing to pick one for the purpose of running. I am much closer to 50 than not and guess i should have known after being in the field for 20 years yet still i was taken aback by the stated reasoning of the democratic leaders that i should run against a more experienced lawyer who actually has tried cases and not run against a younger inexperienced lawyer -- who has never tried a case in her life - for the simple reason that the democrats think there should be as many black females on the ballot as possible. So the experienced lawyer is an older whote male and the one who never tried a single case is a young black girl ...
Why run? because it's the only way to get the job. And why would I want that job? Decent pay, good benefits ... and oh yeah, because I'd be really good at it.
How is this little girl expected to rule in trial when she herself has never even tried a case? How can she make the rulings that need to be made when she has never even made an objection in trial? More than that, why do the democrats think it should matter my race when no one disputes that this other girl is not qualified in the least?
I gave them a check and I will stop payment. Maybe I'm not a republican but i sure as hell am not going to support or be a part of that group of bigots who call themselves democrats.

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