Wednesday, November 11, 2009


All politics suck, at least if you're not a politician. And I obviooulsy am not a politician, just a person who thinks she can do a better job and is willing to take it on, but the price of admission to just apply is politics.
Especially in terms of writingand such, I had gotten used to being able to come here and write, even though no one ever read it. Now I'm afraid someone will somehow find it and link it so I'm not sure the wisdom of continuing to blog here. Even if no one read it, there as a place to write and in fairness, an odd comment here and there. It's just kind of solitary to have no place to write freely, no one to share with even if the person(s) with whom anything was shared were purely imaginary ... the point -- in part -- is that I did put it there and t cold be read and commented on was anyone so inclined.
So am I willing to continue this path? It may be that the real shot for me at a campaign is 2012, which we can start in June 2011. I don't know; Randy and friends are nothing but supportive but being isolated in a strait jacket -- unable to write and communicate freely -- I just don't know.
There's something about the fact of putting it out there for whoever stumbles upon it (which i know is close to 0 folks) that's different than keeping notebooks tucked away. An act of faith if you will, in a sense...

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