Wednesday, October 7, 2009


a long dark think
from nowhere to home
lights gone racing cross the skies
when i was them
i was a little dumber
now it's more and some complicated
hidden away in sueded leather
crossing the skies
my skies and yours
firing up to elaborate
words yet spoiling
from that lopsided mouth
dabbed in pink
the better to make you think
it is something other
than is

are hanging out
as the squid slides through
the day before once
everything worked
all that you were
to be

and finally the bag men
arrive from italy
it may be a different day
yet still it is
the same old story
and tomorrow it will be the same
going on and on
disagreeing over some detail
that no one will remember
later tonight
even if a death ensues
especially yours

but we are not in prague anymore
and so we must do just the best we can
with your friend franz
twenty one hours to go
and still to be done
the work of a lifetime
only so much as time can bear
will be borne
harnessed in
shoes too small
and all the rest

i understand nothing


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