Thursday, August 13, 2009

rain music

The singly measured
deliberate and slow
a poetry unspoken
waning morns
a flame
snuffed out.

And comes the crescendo
another day
once again we left
much more than before

Notes grow to chords
measured still
deep with resonance
the cadence of repetition
three deep chords.

The whiffle of a pony breath
slightly damp in the hand
and the warm smell of shit
giving life.

This time it really was
the end of the world.
The rebellion so quiet, now reaching
the dark secret coves, the
lichen covered boulders

Survivors are few
the ones we acknowledged.
Our eyes closed against the day.
We are disowned, from you it was expected
but ourselves, so insignificant it was too small a surprise

Who brought you here?
How did you find us?
What do you want from us?
Nothing, I know, you want nothing,
this is voyeurism.
There's nothing here for you.
You should never have come here.
You have nothing to say - you stand there dumb, waiting.
There is no message -- just keep your eyes down.
No one wants to see.

In the whole world
there is nothing beautiful left.
Sinking into silence
we have nothing to say
but you are right,
we never did have anything to say
We shoulda shut up a long time ago
as in we never should have said anything to begin with.

What's wrong with you?
Sooner or later
and it may as well be now
you realize no one has anything to say.
Not me, not you.
Talk I wish for, but we both know it's not there.

This time I will read it to you,
a promise to never come back here.

Do not move
and no one will see
Do not speak
and no one will hear
Stay as you are, far away
Keep your distance and no one can reach us

We are free

There's no end to it
from this moment to forever
but here at least
for now, free
at last, for the time,
whatever that means.

A sort of peace for yesterday
just before the lilies died their blooms went to white

Why should I tell you anything?
Why now?
you have nothing to say
but are a pointed avoidance.

It is a voice I will never forget.
The reasons are forgotten,
there is
nothing else.

We stay as we are.
There is no end to it.

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