Sunday, August 2, 2009

michael franti's rotten appendix sucks

What a disappointment ...
Michael Franti's appendix burst and he went to hospital for surgery
That's all good
but ...
it sucks.
Last night went to a concert at the race track, really just to see him,
but he wasn't back
I never went to a concert at the race track
hadn't been to watch the horses in a long time either.
Still smells the same, honest
The other bands counting crows, augustana
Not that they didn't put on a good show,
play a long time
they were very engaged as was the crowd
But halfway through
no michael franti cause his appendix ruptured and he just got out of hospital
and he thought he'd be for last night's date
but not ...
I would have gone to CC if M asked, she likes them
but my interest was seeing Franti and Spearhead
Tomorrow in Austin, then to Grand Prairie,
NOLA on August 9
Austin City Limits this fall with a slew of others
but M will be at Tulane and it's not the same to a concert alone ...
So it really sucked ...
but at least it was cheap, I guess
and it's not like the concert was bad
it's just that the only reason
i went
was Franti
I guess
I'll have to go to some other show
some other time
who knows where?

And there was a bat swooping through
and some big old fireflies
so that was pretty neat.

But I sure wished Franti had played
cause I don't really know
I'll have
another chance.

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brtom said...

Sorry you missed him. There's nothing quite a sucky as being all psyched for a concert and then being let down ... has it's own special flavor of suckiness.

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