Saturday, June 20, 2009

poetry feedback

I have the best husband -- sometimes it's frustrating because i don't do loveable well, sometimes it's hard to accept that I am loved, but he sticks in there anyway ... at least so far. He read about a local poetry competition. While being so nice as to never comment or say anything about whatever appears here, or what I write, or more importantly about anything behind whatever shows up here, he does at times read the blog and he suggested I do this thing.
I do not presume to write poetry -- it's that thing of having to do it right so if i deny I am trying to write poetry then I don't have to do it right, but if I said I was writing poetry then I would have to do it right or else ...

"Someone of unbound conscience can dare to get it wrong, because they don't have to get it right. If you have to get it right, that means that you don't dare to get it wrong, which means that you are afraid of what will happen to you if you do get it wrong." James Alison. On Being Liked. New York: Crossroad, 2003. 110

-- but since I can't admit I try to write poetry I could hardly select a poem for this project. So R made the selections. The required submission is 5 poems on 5 pages. I tried to pick -- not because I think I have anything (I'm still stuck on being wrong) but because R thought I should pick, and if he thought there was anything to any of it then I should try to pick. But I had no idea how or what to choose. No one has ever even suggested there's any merit to my writing, so ...

I may not have picked the same five he picked but I think they go together in a way and here, I will say it, those five don't suck so bad.
One wasn't even really written as a poem ... but R saw it differently and when I read it as he selected it, it was more than I thought before theat -- if that makes sense. the seeing through another's eyes os what we write is pretty neat.

Will any be recognized? I doubt it -- this group has a periodical and what I come up with is not anything like what they choose.
But that's not the point.

The point is that someone who doesn't read poetry, who reads a lot and knows a lot but seldom reads anything other than industry/tech/geek type stuff, who doesn't even listen to much music so far as I can tell unless he's stuck in my car with ipod or pandora on -- someone else read some of my stuff and five struck him as good enough ... seeing what he chose and him telling me some of why is a first, a rare -- I think the first -- interaction between me as a "writer" and anyone, to get an idea of what anyone else thinks about anything I write. I guess I'd like to have more of that interaction/input/feedback on writing.

I didn't know I missed or wanted it but now I know ... for whatever it's worth.

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