Sunday, May 3, 2009


let it sleep a litle longer
is too young
that was too long ago
far away
They were good enough then
so as today
no change for nought.
They never thought it would happen
in their world
yet forty years later
clear as the night it
happened the woman sits
with us at her kitchen table
asking whatever happened,
talking about police
doctors, examiners of sorts
the blood
the baby
blood everywhere
the baby is not

they said asleep upstairs
loudly downstairs
the blood on the walls downstairs

Who cleaned it up?

Mostly she talked about the blood
and so did he
and so did she
and so the notes
at the examiner's office
illegible words
spaced but on the same line
spinal fluid
bloody spinal fluid
bloody sunday
off to church less one

was he even ever?

sudden death
like a football game
someone fouled out
on the walls, on the slats, on him
in him the wrong places
dangerous places
on those hands, those nails
in dangerous places

Two days shy of two years
remembers nothing
but look,
see that house
huddling close to the ground
in the moss covered trees
coloring dark
the space
with the house
with the blood

We know.

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