Tuesday, May 19, 2009

spiritual amusements

Faith is academic once we're dead
enmeshed in the brain
loosed of earthly moorings
speaking in hallucinogenic tongues
liuke all good pentecostal evangelsits

down in the church basement
tuesday last
my asymmetry alone

is this a better place
to purge my sins, veil the toxins and
serve up pious seconds -- for clarity
not euphoria

After life
being to not
forking this way and that
to paradise, damnation,
the final liberation from this wide open place

A smaller case of larger reality
of the perpetually sober schizophrenics
in China digging in their heels.
At least they have a name for it

Singing in public no more,
in the shower
of a married man.


Even at home the voices
the people
the noises outside
There is no way to fall from
this jiggly life.
It's time to jump.

We have done this, met before,
matter the denials.


Is it true
in most christian religions
to be ordained
you must prove god spoke to you?

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