Wednesday, May 6, 2009


stupid things people say
think nothing of them

he seemed like a nice person
overheard at the table
about the flavor of the day
troubled life
running loose in the city

Take me into your arms one more time
I will kick your ass

A crate of bibles packed full of
good intention
just like the morons at the table
refusing to believe
anyone they knew would ever do such things
deciding instead it’s another’s fault
Or none atall.

Only when the praying quit could we sleep.
God protects as many of his children as he cares too.
To hell with the rest.
Walking along a dusty road
a most unusual thing --
cow tracheae with bells and crystal beads hung
sighing in the wind,
moaning and clinking.

Trials of terrors.

Back in the kitchen, fat sitting puddles.
Roaches scatter ‘cross dirt crusted plates
but everyone’s happy
believing their want,
refusing the truths.

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