Wednesday, April 1, 2009


The entire whole street is activated.
Leave it.
Leave it be.
Go back.
Go back to your wife.
Go back to your life and leave mine alone.
somewhere else far away from here
without us trailing in wonderment.
We are through of you.
Walk with me.
Follow the prince and you may find what you're looking for
Or not.
Predatory creatures in the grass.

Leave your spaces open for us to see.
all the way.
Caller response.
Some sort of words.
A brass band plays in the corner store
where the twins were delivered last century
No, wait, that was our house
in the front room behind the azalea bush.
Holdoing on all this time
with the banty rooster pecking away

Only one lived.

An epic drama as in Botswana
before the cinema
created landscapes of our own.
Histories of families that lived in this house
anything but that.
Visual effects with audiotory prompts.
No one is really aware.
People pulled into the opening
or shat out the other end.

How can you tell?

A museum has no room to respond.
Things go unsaid.
We are unspoken.

I have made my own decision and the net profit is exactly

There is a reason
some speak for themselves and no one
We should not repeat them.
The freeway goes on and on
in the heat and traffic crawls like a sick centipede
going nowhere but fast.

There's not enough air.

Is there sustainability in your art?

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