Monday, February 9, 2009

post ike it's spring again

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went to galveston again last week ... it' not any better. Maybe i should post some of the photos... maybe not. In more better news we no longer have a blue tarp ... the roof was finally fixed and we even had a little rain yesterday and so far as i can tell none of it came in the house. then again, it didn't rain very hard. Today bids for taking out sheetrock, and after that, maybe we can get a floor ... this is progress. And soon, hopefully, we can get beds built to put in a real garden rather than the strips along the driveway panted with peas and greens and turnips and radishes etc... and the first daffodil is up and yellow all by its lonesome, one of the peaches bloomed and fruited right through the freezes and the others are budding. Maybe i'll even find time to read a book, to write, to think about something -- anything -- other than work.


brtom said...

Blue tarp? Sheetrock? New floor? I have clearly been so wrapped up in my own shit that I failed to register yr own long-term hurricane trouble. EEEk.

May it all be fixed & settled ... very soon.

Anonymous said...
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ms said...

thanks - it is not near so bad as galveston where i have been very many times, but home has always been a hard thing for me and i actually have a home people wise but having it all in shambles is scary in another inexplicable way ... perhaps not so inexplicable but i'd rather not go there right now.

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