Saturday, January 17, 2009

looking for work, but not that

i hate my job ... not everything but enough so i really need and even more want to do something -- anything -- else. Almost anything. Can't be a sister, there's too much water under that bridge, come to think of it the whole damn bridge is floated away long, long ago. Besides i'm married happily and mother of a child, also happily. Not willing to go to school umpteen years so forensics, neurosurgery and pathology are all out of question. A doctor friend who thinks i'm working to death thinks i should become a pa, but so far i'm too lazy when i'm not working to even look into it. But it might have some promise. Often i've thought of teaching but ... kids don't want to learn, they hate school -- wait, that's why teaching might be a good thing. So i went to a meeting on the alternate certification program offered by a local isd ... talk about depressing. I would have been less depressed had i spent a month at MD Anderson with all the terminal kids, watching them die off. Maybe i could teach but i don't know that i could make it through the determinedly mediocre and highly structured certification program. No wonder the kids hate school and don't want to learn ... there probably aren't many willing or able to enter the system and those who do and survive must be of the lowest common denominator. One of the ladies said while talking about other similar programs that "people who choses other programs" are less likely to be hired by this district. Yes, choses is a word, but it is an arcane and seldom used word meaning the legal right to bring a suit, or a "chose of action," and if you have more than one cause of action, or reason to sue, you mau have multiple "choses" as well. You must take a college admission test because the district promised in a proposal regarding the alternate certification under NCLB that all applicants would meet "a certain minimal level of competence" ... i guess so. There is also the astonishing requirement that one's overall gpa be at least 2.0 and 2.5 in the area of certification. Really? What is a 2.0 anyway -- a C? And for my area of expertise i must be slightly better than average ... all of which is designed to ensure that no child is left behind. I wonder that anyone learns anything around here.

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