Monday, November 10, 2008

On the way to point reyes, having passed through the fog, rolled through and around the mountains, i'm not sure exactly where this was other than between john muir woods and point reyes ... but who cares? does it really mattter where geographically i was? There was only one road and it went this way and the other, and all i had to do to get back where i came from was turn around, so all a map was good for was the names of places ... but i've never been so good with names. it was there, the light was just so and that is the point to a road trip after all, at least for me. I always thought it would be neat to do the blue highways of William Least Heat Moon but even that may too structured a road trip for me. what can be better than your music, a camera, a tank of gas in a car that goes? i guess i couuld drive to this same place again given the opportunity but it wouldn't be the same.
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